Books & Websites to Read

perfect puppy in 7 days by sophia yin    how to behave so your dog behaves by sophie yin   raising puppies and kids together pia silvani    the dog listener jan fennell    The power of positive dog training pat miller    the puppy primer patricia mcconnell    family friendly dog training patricia mcconnell

Yorkie Specific:

Y.I.C's big book of yorkie care by yorkshire terrier care team    yorkies the ultimate yorkie dog manual    the complete guide to yorkshire terriers    yorkshire terrier and yorkshire terriers the complete guide    yorkies head to tail    the book of the yorkshire terrier     a new owners guide to yorkshire terriers    yorkshire terriers for dummies    yorkshire terrier handbook

Dr Ian Dunbar's Booklets (click to download)
before you get your puppy ian dunbar    after you get your puppy ian dunbar

Click on the titles below for FREE and quick educational MUSTS before adopting your puppy:
Responsible Dog Owners
Puppy Socialization
Crate Training
Canine Body Language
Basic Commands
Canine Good Citizen

Agility for Beginners
Pet First Aid
Puppy Nutrition
Selecting a Puppy
Why Does My Dog Do That?

5 Tricks
Geriatric Dog


Dog Food Advisor (reviews & ratings of foods)

Yorkshire Terrier Gifts