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Yorkie Grooming
Hair maintenance is a vital element of pet care and ownership, and you'll either have to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Yorkies, in particular, require a great deal of grooming and attention. If you believe you will be unable to properly groom your Yorkie, you should choose an another breed.

A Yorkie's coat, like human hair, will continue to grow if not trimmed on a regular basis. Some owners who are passionate about grooming their dog's coat tie it up. Furthermore, the coat quality of a Yorkie is critical. The body coat is thicker and straighter than the head hair, which is glossy, silky, and thin. Their hair is parted in the middle and starts at the base of their head and continues all the way to the tip of their tail.

The most typical error we make when bathing is to scrape the coat with shampoo all over. You may as well prevent ending up in a nasty tangle by using an excellent product to remove the dirt and frizz from your yorkie's hair. Make sure the skin at the base of your dog's coat is wet before applying shampoo. Using your fingertips, gently run shampoo in the direction of the coat. Any shampoo left on the body can affect both the hair and the skin. To assist the coat maintain moisture, rinse well and apply a very light conditioner.

Wrap your yorkie in a thick, dry towel for minutes after bathing to dry the coat. This strategy will save drying time and is preferable than rubbing your yorkies coat back and forth. If you must use a dryer, use low heat and keep it a safe distance away from the dog to avoid scorching his skin.

Divide the coat of your yorkie into portions and brush one piece at a time. Don't forget to check beneath the belly, legs, and behind the ears, which are sometimes overlooked.                                 Groomer photo created by prostooleh -
Hair under the feet and surrounding the anal region should also be trimmed. Trim the hair in the anal region of your dog with caution. Clippers are very dangerous for this delicate region, so use scissors instead. Hair on the back and sides of the ears should also be trimmed. Snip the hair on your ears lightly, following the shape of your ears. Trim the hair on your feet as well. Straighten the coat and cut the extra hair to fit the contour of the foot. Although obtaining a perfect round shape may not be simple at first, you will undoubtedly improve with each grooming        session, so relax and take your time.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

To complete the look, tie a topknot with a lovely bow. Gather the hair from the outer corners of the eyes and the hair in the middle of the head to construct a bow. Gently brush your hair and fasten it with a rubber band. Finish with a bow of your choice!

If you want your Yorkie to compete in a show, it should have a long, flowing coat, according to the American Kennel Club. The second option for a long coat is, of course, to keep it short. We'll go over both the appearance and a comprehensive regimen to help you keep your yorkie's coat in great shape in this post.    

Although a Yorkie's coat is distinctive, whether you maintain it long for your dog depends on your grooming preferences and the amount of time you have to devote to it. If you don't believe a long coat is appropriate for your yorkie, consider the alternative, which is a short crop, sometimes known as the 'puppy cut.'  
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