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Potty Training & Teaching a Soft Mouth
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Obedience Training

Click on our Baxter & Bella Training Page to find out more information about why we recommend Baxter & Bella Obedience Training for all our Yorkie Puppies.

Puppy Behavior

The links and documents below provide general advice on how to care for your puppy. This will assist you in preparing for your puppy's arrival and get you off to a good start.

  • Please make sure you, your children, and the rest of your family are aware of the signs your puppy is sending.
  • The dog is not a toy and should not be held at all times. Set a limit on how many times your youngster can hold the puppy every day (no more than four). Only children who are sitting should be permitted to hold the dog. Too much touching can both physically harm the dog and start the process of the puppy refusing to accept your child. There will be no wandering around with the puppy. This is true for all children under the age of eight.
  • Toys are chewed and ingested by puppies. Make certain that all toys are put away. If your dog eats the fragments, they may lodge and require surgery, which is not usually successful.
  • Hugging puppies is often frowned upon. (They don't generally like it)
  • People will be jumped on by puppies. Most dogs will respond to one of two major replies. The first is to cross your arms and hide your hands while turning around and displaying the dog your backside while remaining completely motionless. If your dog continues to jump on you, this strategy is not working and you should stop using it. Instead, move straight into the area where their front paws are resting on the ground, taking care not to step on their feet. Each time your dog leaps, repeat this activity and instruct everyone who comes into contact with your dog to do the same.
  • Puppies and dogs in general will eat the humans in their environment. Those who are easily excited and speak in high-pitched tones will breed a dog that reacts to seeing people by becoming hyperactive and difficult to control. Keep it to a minimum. It's not in the pups' best interests to be pushed to raise their enthusiasm level to this level over and over again. This is when the dog loses attention and is unable to follow your instructions. Keep in mind that your dog will pick up on your tone and level of intensity.

Great books to help you prepare in raising a puppy:

Families with children mandatory read: Raising Puppies and Kids Together

The Dog Listener Book      Raising Kids and Dogs Together Book       Love is all you need book      The secret languag of dogs



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Puppy Development Stages
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