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Welcome to the Setareh Yorkies Family!
One of the most rewarding experiences is bringing your new dog home. The keys to a great start are planning ahead and having everything your new puppy will require. While buying loads of toys, pet beds, and adorable collars for your new family member is a lot of fun, the best present you can offer your furry newborn is to educate yourself on how to raise a well-balanced dog.

This private portion of our website has a wealth of information that you may explore at your leisure BEFORE bringing your puppy home. We recommend going over one segment every week after your puppy is born so you can digest the information and take notes on any queries you have. Before your puppy is available for adoption, we will have you complete a checklist to verify you understand everything. (Think of it as an exam you must pass before you can pick up your dog.)

When will we see pictures of our puppy?
Every other week, we'll take puppy photographs. At one week, three weeks, and five weeks, you'll get unique images of each puppy. Following that, you'll see candid photos and videos. As
you may guess, photographing pups is a lengthy process. They move about a lot, even when they're small! If we don't get the photographs out on time, we'll try our best to get them up as soon as possible. This location is really busy. Our first goal is to look after the puppies and mother dogs. When we are able, we try to publish candid photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram, so feel free to follow us on these platforms for additional information.

Stages of Puppy Development

We handle each puppy every day from the time they are born to ensure that they are accustomed to human contact and handling. For the first two weeks of their lives, we also practice Super Puppy Early Neurological activities with them every day. This aids in the development of their neurological system and allows the puppies to learn to adjust to changes in their surroundings more quickly. This technique was created for service dogs that work with police officers to help them become more resilient. This is a regular procedure for us, and we follow it with every Setareh puppy we've had the pleasure of raising. To guarantee that we are providing the best for the puppies, we have implemented techniques from  Puppy Culture and Bad Ass Breeder.

While they are with us, they apply these techniques throughout the day. We will teach you some skills before you pick up your puppy so that you may continue to build on this fantastic foundation and help your puppy grow into a truly amazing dog. We prefer to offer new toys, noises, sights, and experiences as the kids become older. We make an attempt to help them with toilet training, crate training, and manding. Our objective is to provide as many happy experiences for your pups as possible while they are with us. Our methods and techniques ensure that your pups are raised to their maximum potential from the time they are born.

Puppy Development Stages
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What happens once you've secured a position in a litter?
Details on what to expect may be found on our website's Puppies page. Then use the back button on your computer to return to this page.

You must return to this page after reviewing the Process page and begin going through the preparatory pages in each part below.

Section 1: Puppy Care
Section 2: Socialization
Section 3: Supplies & Feeding Guidelines
Section 4: Veterinary Care
Section 5: Training
Section 6: Grooming
Puppy Homecoming Prep Quiz
Section 7: "Gotcha Day"

Stay Connected
You might wish to join us on Facebook or Instagram if you haven't already. This is generally the first location where photos and videos appear. There is also a private Facebook page for puppy owners. You may join this group right now by answering a few simple questions. Setareh Yorkies Owners Group is the name of the group. Grooming, veterinary care, training, and a variety of other issues are covered. Our main Facebook page, not the owners group, and our Instagram account are linked at the footer of this page. The symbol will lead you to our pages if you click on it.