The Setareh Yorkies Puppy Selection Process

At Setareh Yorkies we wait until our Puppies have completed their Puppy Aptitude Tests at day 60 before we allow our families to choose their puppies.  After all puppies have completed their aptitude tests which are videod, results and videos will be sent to each family on our Puppy List for that litter.  24 Hours later we will have the first family on our list choose their puppy.  I do not believe in picking puppies at one or two weeks old since it is disrespectful to our babies. It's critical that I give my puppies a voice and let them to find the home that's right for them, which involves allowing them to grow and develop. We keep all new owners up to speed with lots of images and videos, we temperament screen our puppies at 60 Days (8 weeks 3 days), and we provide all new owners as much information as possible.

We examine each puppy individually on Day 60 before Selection Saturday, film them on video (typically 5-12 minutes long), then broadcast the recordings for everyone on the Litter List and Stand-by List to see. We also send out the evaluation scorecards, our further remarks, any noteworthy genetic testing results, and any vet findings by email. You, your family, and your friends may watch the videos, read the findings, and perhaps figure out which dogs are right for you! Families pick their puppies in the order on the Litter List on Selection Day, a Saturday (virtually or in person at our home).

Example: Family A is seeking for a puppy who is more tenderhearted We would be able to decide which puppies to adopt by assessing each dog fall into this category, and instead of relying on appearances alone, assist Family A in locating these puppies.  This guarantees that Family A does not select the most confident, high-drive puppy in the litter, only to be disappointed later when the puppy does not meet their energy requirements..

Puppies are normally taken home at the age of ten weeks. Before our pups go home, we love to capture photographs of them with their permanent families for our records and social media! Please let us know if you don't want to appear on our social media!

How am I included in seeing my puppy raised especially if I am unable to choose my puppy until it is older once it is born?
This is what is included with each litter,
it is extremely essential to us that you are a part of this adventure!
*their own webpage
*curriculum work videos
*a private Flickr album where our goal is to provide 300-500 pictures in 8 weeks
*a video of each puppy performing the same BAB puppy evaluation (and a score card with explanations) - given before selecting your puppy
*vet clearance information - given before selecting your puppy

How does Puppy Selection Day Work?
After all puppies have been certified for Selection by our Veterinarian, puppy selections take place on Saturday after the puppies turn 8 weeks. On Selection, each family will be allotted a 30-minute time period. During your 30-minute time period, you can meet any puppy that is available, and we'll talk about which puppy will best suit your needs based on the information you provide/have supplied.

How can I select my puppy?
On Puppy Selection Day, puppy choices can be done in person or over the phone/zoom. If at all feasible, we urge each family to make their selection in person, as we love to see the perfect fit!

Any advice as I select my puppy?

As breeders, we believe that it is important to work WITH families to select the best puppy rather than allowing a family to make a decision based solely on emotions, such as "this puppy likes me" (because they all like everyone because they are puppies and this is a happy breed!) or "that's the quiet one" (because they are all quiet sometimes and they all experience "puppy crazies" at other times!). Alternatively, you could say, "I want the puppy to choose me" or "I want to choose the puppy with whom I connect." (the bonding process  occurs with any puppy once he or she enters your home). Yorkies are such affectionate, devoted, and loyal pets. They get along well with everyone, and other pets.

Do you offer 'priority' pick or 'pick of the litter' picks?
The way we do our puppy evaluations there truly is no 'pick of the litter' as all of our puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract so there are no 'breeding' quality pups or 'pick of the litter' puppies per say.  As breeders we reserve the right to hold back the 1st choice of puppies either male or female to further our lines.  We typically go in order that deposits were received.  We feel this is the fairest way to handle our deposit list.  

Breeder Pick
To advance our program, we reserve the right to keep one puppy of our choosing from any birth.

In order to get first choice from a litter, advance up the list, or skip a line altogether, we DO NOT ACCEPT offers of additional money in any quantity. The most equitable method we have discovered to arrange our list is to order the waiting list according to the order the reservation fee was received. We believe it is not in the best interests of all parties for us to enable people to advance to the top if he or she is able to give a higher monetary amount than someone else because we consider our promise to each family on our list carefully.

I really want a pup but don't want the 'last' picks of the litter, what can I do?
I have seen wonderful puppies rejected. You'd be surprised at the criteria on which individuals choose their puppies. Other variables, such as how much the pup licked me when I lifted him up, how quickly she ran over to me, how cuddly she is, etc., are taken into consideration rather than how well the dog's disposition matches its future responsibilities and lifestyle. Everyone chooses a particular puppy for personal, complicated reasons (don't get me wrong; that's fine too). However, it is not always true to assume that the "best" dog has been chosen out because other puppies were chosen earlier. I'll describe why choice 5 is not a bad dog if pick 1 is an outstanding dog.

I often wonder if the phrase "Best" or "Pick of the Litter" dates back to the time of heavy line breeding, when only one or two pups from a litter were viable (and usually very, very good), and the rest of the litter had some serious genetic flaws. Today, breeders in North America are fortunate to have access to a sizable number ofYorkie's that offer a wealth of genetic variety and a wide range of top-notch mating stock. This means that there is a very high chance of obtaining a very excellent dog, regardless of when you choose your dog.

Prior to a canine being evaluated for breeding, we at Setareh Yorkies take great care and diligence to ensure that they are healthy, lovable companions.   Then, we compare the strengths and flaws of each dog to the other dog, enabling us to predict which traits we should stress and which we should attempt to weaken or eliminate. We think that by doing this, we are able to create top-notch puppies in every litter, from Pick 1 through 5+.  

Another choice is to place a payment down for an early selection in a future litter; however, based on our breeding plans, this may make you wait a while. Please get in touch with us to talk about this option.

Which is the best pup?
This inquiry occasionally arises, but the solution would be too subjective to contemplate. You must think about these issues in order to arrive at a worthwhile conclusion. How much of the canine do you want to do what with? How energetic are you? What instruction have you had? What kind of discipline do you employ? What qualities do you adore or favor in dogs? What undesirable canine qualities exist? Starting with this extra information will aid in reducing the pool of prospective puppies and identifying qualified prospects. Contact us with your list to discuss; we're glad to clarify the options, but we will purposefully stay impartial when you're choosing unless you specifically ask for our opinion.

I also enjoy saying, somewhat rhetorically, "Your pup is the best pup," in response to questions. Although we think that all of our canines have the genetic potential to be wonderful companions, a lot depends on you once the puppies leave our care. So we advise choosing your dog carefully, adoring it, training it, and raising it to be the best dog you can.

What Happens If Puppy Selection Day, There Isn't A Puppy That Meets My Needs/Wishes?

If no puppy meets your needs/desires within your 30-minute selection period, your name will be placed on our Master List for a future litter. We are committed to upholding the dignity of our pups and their owners, and we do not want you to choose a puppy that will not be a good fit for your family.