Waiting List for Puppies
(Next Litter Planned Spring 2024)

Why a Paid Waiting list?

We are humbled by the amount of enquiries we get between litters and are overjoyed by the love our Yorkies have received from friends and followers. Many of the folks we speak with are hunting for puppies right away, while others are merely casually considering the idea of bringing a new Yorkie into their home. In order to effectively interact with individuals who are anxiously awaiting our puppies, we required a way to organize our contact list.

By paying a fee to be added to our Waiting List, you are indicating that you are somewhat certain that you want to adopt a puppy from Setareh Yorkies, that you are willing to wait (possibly up to 18 months, depending on your preferences), and that you want us to personally contact you with information regarding breeding updates, litter announcements, and deposit requirements.

You are still welcome here if you aren't there yet. On our website, we share a ton of materials, and we're pleased to address any queries you may have. If you live nearby, please take into account coming to meet our dogs, learn about their upbringing, and aid in socializing our puppies when we have a litter! When the time is appropriate for you, please think about expanding your family with a baby Setareh Yorkie!

How Do I get Added to the Waiting List?

Step 1:  Fill out An Adoption Questionairre on our website

Step 2:  We will review your Questionairre and contact you to discuss your preferences and timeline

Step 3:  Send your waiting list fee $500 (non-refundable) via one of our approved payment methods on our Payment Page (This fee will be applied to the final price of your puppy)

Step 4:  Sign & Date this document  & email back to setarehyorkies@gmail.com

How does it work?
Choices from a litter proceed in the following order:
  1. First and foremost, we breed for our own use, while we reserve the right to keep any puppy from any litter for our own use.
  2. Waiting List Members who have paid the Reservation Fee ($500) in the received order. 
  3. Other authorized households

*The $500 reservation fee is non-refundable but will be deducted from the final cost if/when you choose to buy a puppy

*We reserve the right to reject any puppy placement at any time and for any reason, however it is unusual. The $500 down payment as well as any additional payments will be returned in the unlikely event that we decide not to put a puppy with you

*When you decide to join one of our waiting lists, you can expect the following as a general guide. I'll keep you updated each step of the process. Once the parents of your prospective puppy have been successfully bred, I will let you know. I'll immediately inform you of the due date for your dog so you can make plans! I'll also let you know when the scan to confirm Mama's pregnancy is planned. Only two months of pregnancy occur in dogs. We get an x-ray performed one week before to the puppies' birth to determine the number of puppies to be anticipated.  Both the ultrasound and the x-ray are crucial diagnostic procedures to make sure that our mothers and puppies are healthy. After the x-ray and when the puppies are born, I will let you know.

*Families on the waiting list will have 24 hours to react and let us know if they want to take a puppy from this litter. (At this point, you are not selecting a specific puppy, but if you have your heart set on a particular gender, kindly inform us.

*If you select "yes," we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can to confirm your preferences. If it appears that a puppy you would have picked may be selected by someone higher on the list, we'll let you know so you can decide whether you'd be willing to be flexible or would want to wait.

*Simply respond to the litter announcement within 24 hours to let us know if you would prefer to wait for the following litter or want to wait and see which puppies are available once official matches have been established with other families. You'll continue to be listed on the Waiting list

*If the litter notification is not responded to within 24 hours, we will move on to the next individual on the waiting list. Your name will be removed from the waiting list and the $500 reservation fee will be lost if we don't hear from you about two different litters

*You can anticipate receiving access to a private webpage, in addition to a flickr album where our goal is about 300-500 pictures in 8 weeks.  I want you to be able to take pleasure in seeing them grow into a fantastic pet.

*Early visits are encouraged, typically beginning when the puppies are around 6 weeks old. We don't normally like pups to be selected just based on images, so let's start making plans as soon as possible for an event that works with your schedule.

*When puppies are around 7 weeks old, we'd prefer to know which ones are spoken for and which we can offer to the public. However, because every litter is unique, there can be other people waiting to choose their puppy after you, depending on where you are in the selection process. In our initial correspondence, we'll let you know when we expect to have your puppy paired with you.  See More about our Puppy Selection Process Here

*Despite the fact that we favor the options listed in the aforementioned order, please keep in mind that we are working with living things whose long-term wellbeing is our first priority. We'll collaborate with you to choose the best individual puppy for your household and way of life, so we prioritize personality and temperament over appearance. To that end, we reserve the right and obligation to provide recommendations for particular puppies and families. These recommendations are based on the countless hours we invest in raising each litter as well as our experiences guiding puppy buyers and their companions in the past

I'm on the waiting list what's next?
Keep checking our Facebook page &/or Instagram Page for updates! When one of our females enters season, has a pregnancy confirmed, or goes into labor, we frequently announce it publicly. We'll get in touch with you shortly after a litter is born with an official litter announcement so you may choose whether you'd like to adopt a puppy from this litter. You'll have 24 hours to reply.

Current Waiting List:
1.  Dave E. Female (Gabby Litter) 3/15/23
Nancy H. Female 1/2/24