What you can expect from us:

When you purchase a Setareh Yorkie puppy, you are joining our family. For the first two months of their existence, our puppies are the center of our attention and energy. Their mother is a family companion, not a kennel dog, and all of our puppies come from healthy, well-conformed parents with good bodies and temperaments.

Puppies that have been raised at home. Our puppies are nurtured in our living room, so they are used to the hum and bustle of everyday life. We have a Puppy Curriculum that we follow that combines several different methods of puppy raising, you can read more about it on our Puppy Nursery Page.

Our puppies are reared in our home's living room. They will be used to the sounds and routines of family life. Our puppies are handled and socialized from the moment they are born, and they get daily individual care. Nail clipping, early neurological stimulation, early scent introduction, and, of course, snuggling are all part of this everyday routine:)

Our objective is to find the right puppy for the right owner. We do not enable potential puppy owners to choose their own dog since we know our pups better than anyone. We collect information from potential owners about their lifestyle, canine experience, and expectations for their pup in order to efficiently match pups to homes. To aid with placement, we keep meticulous records of each puppy's behaviors and characteristics. We have other breeders analyze the puppies' temperaments using Bad Ass Breeders Puppy Aptitude Test during their seventh week. All of these criteria help us choose which lifestyle and family would provide the puppy with the most happiness, which is our first objective.

Puppies at Setareh Yorkies are given the greatest possible care while they are with us. They are nurtured organically, breastfeeding as long as their mother allows and moving to a high quality diet diet once weaning begins, but not before 5 weeks. During their time with us, the puppies give two sets of vaccinations. We send them home with specific instructions for titers and immunizations. From the age of two weeks, the pups are wormed on a regular basis. Our veterinarian, a trained practitioner, examines each puppy individually as well.

All of the puppies we breed come with a lifetime commitment. We expect to be in touch with you for the rest of your dog's life (and possibly beyond), so it's critical that we get along. We'll provide information about each pup's parents and relatives' accomplishments and health, as well as training and just general advice as needed.

Commitment for the rest of your dogs life. Any dog from our breeding can be returned at any time for any reason. Depending on the dog's age, training, and condition, we will find it a new, loving home

What we expect from you:

You've done some research on Yorkshire Terriers. To begin, we expect you to have read and studied the Yorkshire Terrier Standard & Read this Brochure extensively to determine that a yorkie is the correct breed for you and your family, if you have one. We also assume you've gone through our website and have a good understanding of the kind of Yorkies we create. We absolutely feel that yorkshire terriers, such as ours, are NOT the ideal companion for most American families, who are far too overworked and preoccupied to add an energetic, clever puppy to their home. We expect you to have considered your options and made an informed choice about whether or not you have the time and energy to add a puppy to your household and that yorkies should be your breed of choice if you do.

The Perfect Puppy at the Perfect Time We advise you to carefully examine your schedule after you've determined that a Yorkshire Terrier is the ideal dog for you.  We've devised a great strategy for preparing puppies for trips home, whether by car or airline, so they'll be ready to accompany you wherever you go.

You have plenty of time to train your puppy. We advise that you keep your calendar somewhat clean until your puppy is 16 weeks old so that you can focus on socialization and training. The Sensitive Period, which lasts only a few months, is crucial for a puppy's long-term growth and must be planned accordingly. Vacations, business travels, or tight deadlines that keep you away from your puppy for lengthy periods of time are incompatible with the labor necessary in preparing a puppy for a lifetime. The learning that takes place in the first few months is irreversible.

The family prioritizes the dog. Another of our objectives is that your puppy will become a valued and cherished member of your family. He or she should live in your house (not in a kennel or back yard) and be fed high-quality food, given careful and expert medical care, and be trained/worked for the rest of his or her life. We prefer purchasers with completely enclosed yards, but we will make exceptions if you have the time and resources to provide enough exercise and regular monitoring outside.

We do not anticipate a child as the primary caretaker. While a kid assisting in the care of a dog may teach responsibility, it is unfair to the puppy or older dog to be reliant on a youngster.

For our puppies, we want experienced owners who have owned previous dogs since they were adults. We need our customers to commit to daily exercise and training for the duration of the dog's life, as well as weekly formal training lessons with the puppy into adulthood, two to three years of age, ideally at a reputable dog training facility or through Bella & BAXTER Dog Training

Positive Reinforcement Training with a Scientific Backing:  Positive reinforcement is used continuously throughout the lives of our moms and puppies at Setareh Yorkies. We feel it is the ideal way for training a dog because, after the dog has learned the required behavior, the human-animal interaction becomes more about connecting and communicating than than training.

Formal research in Behavioral science as it applies to animals have been done throughout the last two decades. Animals, like people, have the potential to learn and respond better when their environment is pleasant and encouraging, according to researchers. The essential goal of training a dog is similar to that of teaching a young child: to get the learner to pick the best option and repeat it.

Food of the highest quality. Our pups require a high-quality nutrition. The Dog Food Advisor 4.5 Star Food  is our minimal standard. Please evaluate if you are prepared to upgrade before contacting us if you feed Iam's, Science Diet, Old Roy, or a supermarket brand.

We also want our dog owners to collaborate with their veterinarian on their pet's health care rather than delegating all choices to their physician. After their initial puppy vaccines.  Aside from rabies, our dogs should not receive scheduled immunizations and should instead have titers done before to receiving additional vaccines. Additionally, both our dogs' owners and veterinarians should be informed with and dedicated to the American Animal Hospital Association's 2006 Vaccine Guidelines, which include not using any of the vaccines that are not recommended.

All of our puppies' owners must have health insurance. "Trupanion" comes highly recommended since they are both inexpensive and quick to answer to bills.