Favorite Products
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Bland Diet Mixture:
1. Minute White Rice
2. Hamburger (boiling/frying and rinsing)
3. Pumpkin in a can  (not pie filler) or the Firm Up Pumpkin Product
A spoonful of pumpkin (too much causes diarrhea!) with 50% rice/50% burger
You may make a bigger quantity and store it in the fridge until ready to serve.
Do not feed this bland diet to a puppy or dog for more than three days.
 Although highly efficient at soothing the digestive tract, it lacks essential minerals and vitamins for health).**

Plain yogurt and kefir can also be utilized to aid in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the stomach!

Training Products
We love the leash coupler it works wonders for tethering, hook one end to your belt and one end to your Yorkies harness

Treat Pouch great for training your new puppy, we also have familiarized your puppy with a clicker so the clickers are great

A Slow Feeder if your dog is a gulper and eats too fast

Snuffle matts are a great way to keep your dog busy and entertained.  

Bear that has knotty ropes inside to keep your pup busy

Our girls love these.  They are small enough for them but big enough they don't choke on them

These are great to keep All 4 off the floor until your pup is fully vaccinated.