pawTree Chicken & Oatmeal All Life Stages is what we feed.
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Because we at Setareh Yorkies are such big proponents of healthy eating, we use and advocate PawTree products and supplements. In order to help ensure a long and healthy life and give our puppies a healthy start in life, we raise all of our puppies on this food in addition to some supplements.

Weaning your puppy to PawTrees Real Chicken & Oatmeal & PawTrees Freeze  Dried Raw Food Real Chicken Recipe has taken place.  To help them start their lives off right, our puppies also get daily doses of PawTree Wild Alaskan Salmon & Pollock Oil and PawTree Gastro Pro Plus in addition to their food!  In order to support healthy bowel function and appropriate digestion, Gastro Pro Plus is a comprehensive blend of probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and herbs. Pure Alaskan Pollock and Salmon Oil gives dogs and cats the necessary Omega-3 (including DHA) and Omega-6 fatty acids that are vital to their general health, including their heart, eyes, ears, skin, coat, bones, and mental and physical development.

Maintaining the same diet will help to minimize the stress that comes with a puppy moving to a new home, as well as lower the likelihood that the puppy may experience diarrhea. We want your puppy's transfer from our house to yours to go as smoothly as possible because nobody likes to deal with a new puppy that has diarrhea, especially the puppy! For the first nine weeks or so after the puppy returns home, different food should not be given. We do advise you to feed one of pawTree's food recipes after the first nine weeks in the new home because of the high quality and value that it provides. But if you decide to switch your puppy to a different brand, we kindly request that If you decide to switch your puppy's diet, we advise you to conduct thorough research before deciding on a new brand. You can also use Gastro Pro Plus to ease the transition by gently weaning your puppy from the old food.

Why Paw Tree?

Made fresh in the US, PawTree is completely natural. For pets of various ages, stages, and health concerns, they provide comprehensive and balanced nourishment. Real beef, chicken, or fish is the main element in their cuisine. It is free of by-products from poultry, maize, wheat, soy, added sugars or sweeteners, artificial flavors or colors, and preservatives. PawTree has never experienced a recall, in contrast to a lot of other pet food firms. Pets consume less of this high-grade, nutrient-dense food than they would other brands because of its superior quality. Because it is so easily digested, the food they do eat contains more nutrients.

A little goes a long way!
The amount of each food that your pet would need to eat in order to get the same amount of calories is shown in this picture. In addition, it illustrates the additional savings that come with pawTree's nutrient-dense pet food and the amount of waste and filler that is found in certain other pet food brands. There is unquestionably a difference!

Tips to help you!!!!
1.  Make sure you use the URL to create your account and that the Setareh Yorkies logo and my name, Heather Thompson, are visible in the upper left corner. This is crucial so that we can provide you with assistance if necessary, have documentation of your purchases for our Health Guarantee.

2.  We strongly advise giving your puppy both Wild Alaskan Salmon & Pollock Oil (for ongoing support with healthy growth and development until at least a year of age) and Gastro Pro Plus (particularly when he or she first arrives home to help with any stomach discomfort that may be caused by the transition).

3.  Certain Yorkies have particular dietary preferences. We advise use PawPairings Seasonings to assist with this. To provide your dog with even more variety—which is crucial when dealing with finicky eaters—you may purchase various tastes.

4.  PawTreats are entirely natural and free of fillers, in contrast to the majority of pet treats available on the market! You can break off roughly ten small pieces per treat to serve as healthy training rewards, which makes them ideal for use in training sessions.

5.  You can add three "non-food" products to your cart and sign up for EZ Ship to receive FREE SHIPPING on any order. Even in situations when you are not eligible for free shipping, you will occasionally earn a 25% shipping discount if you have an active EZ Ship account. Your EZ Ship can be scheduled for several months in advance, and you can simply edit or remove it at any time.

6.  The majority of the products on the PawTree website have an image of a truck with a number on it in the upper left corner. This figure shows how many of each product counts toward the three "non-food" goods you need to buy in order to qualify for free shipping.

7.  "Pet Profile" is an excellent feature offered by PawTree. Your fur kids will assist you in deciding what food is best for them, how much you will need to order, and how often you would like it delivered through your EZ Ship. You may build up a profile for each of your fur babies. In addition, this tool will provide you with recommendations for other products based on the size, age, and health conditions of your pet. Additionally, you may add a free image of your pet to your bag and name the food they eat!

Please be sure to place your order now so your puppy has food when you bring him or her home!

A closer inspection reveals that a bag of PawTree food is not as pricey as it initially appears. When comparing the XL size to their usual size food bag, you will save about 30%. The food is packaged in three smaller, easier-to-manage bags when you order the XL size. The bags can be sealed to help preserve freshness. Compared to other products, you should end up feeding less PawTree food to maintain your pet's health and body weight. Pets stay healthy and satisfied on less food since their diets are high in nutrients and free of unnecessary ingredients.
Pets stay healthy and satisfied on less food since their diets are high in nutrients and free of unnecessary ingredients. A lot of people overfeed their pets, which may be detrimental to both the health of the animal and their pocketbook. You can also be eligible for cheap or free shipping, which adds to the savings.  With the promo code INTRO4U10 you can additionally receive 10% off your first order, up to a $100 maximum.
How to order and what to buy:
PawTree items are not seen on store shelves because the company takes pleasure in bringing fresh food right to your house. When you receive the meal, it's usually been made little longer than six weeks. It is shipped straight from the manufacturer to you, guaranteeing the highest level of freshness and quality.
Orders for PawTree merchandise must be placed via us at Please make sure that you use this link and that the Setareh Yorkies logo & name Heather Thompson appear in the upper left corner when creating an account. This is crucial so that we can provide you with assistance if necessary, have documentation of your purchases for our Health Guarantee. To get started, click our link and then enter your username and password to create a PawTree account.

If you want to order your puppies food this is what you will need
1 Real Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe
1 Freeze Dried Raw Real Chicken Recipe
1 Gastro Pro Plus 30 or 60 Count (not required but recommended; counts towards free shipping)
1 Wild Alaskan Salman & Pollock Oil - 8 oz or 16 oz (not required but recommended; counts towards free shipping)
1 additional "non-food" item like treats, grooming supplies, or toys (optional; counts toward free shipping)
Use INTRO4U10 (If your order is under $100 to save 10%)
Use INTRO4U20 (If your order is over $100 to save 20%)
When you order your food, add three "non-food" items, and sign up for EZ Ship you will automatically qualify for FREE shipping!  If you do not add three "non-food" items but do sign up for EZ ship you will still recieve a 25% discount on youyr shipping.  You can set up your EZ ship for several months out and always easily change or delete it. 

Why is Paw Tree Part of our Guarantee?
We take the promotion of long-term health very seriously. We DO NOT undervalue our puppies by using low-quality brands that are loaded with corn, by-products, or cheap fillers. Our health comes first in our lives. To ensure that the puppies get some of the best nourishment available, Setareh Yorkies individually makes significant financial investments. For this reason, we feed pawTree to give the puppies the best possible start in life. In exchange for the Extended Guarantee, we ask that you, the buyer, feed the puppy pawTree tailored food for the first three years of its life.

You must order the Paw Tree food from my website

For this reason, in order to be eligible for our extended health guarantee, you must continue to give this food to your dog. Emails from the company attest to the dogs' consumption of this dog food. This indicates if the meal is being ordered in accordance with recommendations or requirements.)

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