Temperament Testing

We do temperament evaluations, which is a BIG DEAL! This is done when puppies are close to 60 days old and old enough to receive an appropriate assessment. I received my training through a variety of Badass Breeder Courses and Classes, as well as assistance from other breeder mentors. We can show you a video of the test and explain the results so you can pick a puppy that is a fantastic match for you and your family's requirements and desires! This is incredible! It prevents a lot of pups from being rehomed, and it spares a lot of people the aggravation of having a dog that isn't a good fit for them.

It would be so much easier for us if we could just let you choose your puppy at birth, but that would be a terrible disservice to both you and your puppy. We may use the Dog Evaluations to discover what your puppy still needs help with or is sensitive to. It also helps us to understand where your puppy's abilities lie and the type of environment in which they would grow and fit in best. It takes a lot more time and work to complete the Puppy Evaluations, but I am a firm believer in the magic that happens when you find your ideal match. The dog that talks to your heart and matches your way of life.

Some qualities in puppies are fixed (like the way the puppy is), while others can be changed (we can shape them). While we see and record a variety of qualities beginning at 5-6 weeks of age, the following are the most important ones we look for during our testing:

Stable Traits:
Assertiveness (with humans and dogs)


Energy Level

Prey Drive

Human Focus


Adjustable Traits:

Nerve Strength/ Resiliency

Touch Tolerance (compliance only-not if they like it)

Sound Sensitivity

Sight Sensitivity

The Badass Breeders Curriculum we utilize aids in the development of our puppy's adaptable characteristics. It aids in the development of confident pups who are bold and fast to recover when startled; they are cooperative when touched all over; and they manage new noises and sights well since we work hard to desensitize them to things that would commonly shock puppies at a later age. It's awe-inspiring and delightful to witness our puppies grow self-assurance and faith in humans. Our objective is to instill in our pups the belief that the world is a safe place, that humans are nice, and that dogs are friendly.

We try our best to get to know our puppies' personalities as well as the needs of their new families, but this does not rule out the possibility that the puppies will change with time. A more quiet puppy may emerge out of his shell and exhibit more confidence with the correct home, patience, and training. A fun-loving and confident puppy, on the other hand, may grow more apprehensive after a poor encounter with a nervous dog. Home training is critical for a smooth transfer and a happy home life!