Teacup Yorkies: The Truth

There is NO such recognized breed as the Teacup Yorkie, Toy Yorkie, Tiny Teacup Yorkie, or any other name that implies that there is a separate and distinct dog breed, smaller than the standard yorkie.  

Let's get things straight and give you the hard facts about this.  Teacup Yorkies are not a breed or a subset of Yorkies, regardless of the term used by backyard breeders to market small or tiny Yorkies. There is only one recognized breed of Yorkies. Please be aware that because it is a Yorkie, it is classified as a Yorkie.  "Teacup" is a term that is used to get more money out of unsuspecting buyers
The yorkie breed standard calls for Yorkies to be 4-7#.  A lot of breeders market these as "Toy" yorkies even though they meet the breed standard as a "ploy" to get more money.

Health Problems in "Teacup" Yorkies:
Liver Shunts
Patella Luxation
Periodontal Disease
Eye Abnormalities
Frail Bones
Shorter Lifespan
Organs that do not develop properly that can cause anything fromheart/liver failure
Open Fontanelles (soft spots in the skull that don't close due to stunted growth leaving the dogs more vulnerable to sudden death after trauma)

If that's not convincing enough which Yorkie would you prefer? 

"Teacup" yorkie came from not health tested parents
most likely will die at a young age and have a lot of
expensive health complications
"Standard" Yorkie came from health tested parents more
likely to live a long healthy life and have less health complications

Don't Be Fooled by the Marketing

It's easy to fall for the cute viral video or photo of these off bred versions of the breed.  But what you aren't seeing is what is behind the picture.  People breeding teacup Yorkies are not advocates for the Yorkie Breed.  They are breaking our code of ethics set by our parent club and breeding for fad or profit.  

Share our Yorkie Pride and SAY NO to the "Teacup" Yorkies Fad and their Breeder