Is a Yorkie Right For Me?

Loveable Difficult to Housetrain
Smart Loves to bark
Loves to be lap dogs 
Can be independant
Lives to be 14-16 years old 
Can have a lot of health issues
Inexpensive to feed ~1 cup food per day
  Can be stubborn
Good with Children
Require Regular Grooming (every 4-6 weeks)
Can have "big dog" attitudes
Can have "big dog" attitudes
     Yorkies are amazing little dogs that have stolen my heart.  I grew up with a Yorkie named Mille who ruled my house.
She used to boss our 165# St. Bernard around and he would cower to her every demand.  That's what yorkies do.  They have 'big dog'
attitudes in a little body.  Our two have the 'big dog' attitude with one of our cats.  They fight like cats and dogs lol.  Only the one cat Raven who dishes it out as good as she gets it though.  They sleep, cuddle and snuggle with the rest of our cats thought.  Raven is the bossiest of our cats and has an attitude problem. 

Yorkies are great little dogs, but they come with their little quirks, such as being extremely difficult to fully potty train.  Gabby and Cindy use potty pads and hit them about 75% of the time.  So we have to watch out for land mines the rest of the time.  I have heard this is common in the breed.  Cindy is a barker at any and every little noise.  Gabby just barks to alert to intruders or outside things. They both love to cuddle/snuggle and Gabby sleeps with us at night and snuggles up next to me.  Cindy pees/poops on the bed so she has a large exercise pen she sleeps in at night. 

They can have  alot of health issues which is why I am so passionate about doing the health testing that I do.  I want to prevent as much as I can.  I want to produce healthy pups who will live long healthy lives for years to come.  Yorkies can be stubborn and independant but they have their lovable sides too.  If you can handle the cons, then a yorkie may just be right for you.

If you have questions about Yorkies, text or give me a call, I love talking yorkies 385-243-5898.  I do have a full time job so I may not be able to answer right away but I will call you back when I can on my breaks or my next day off if you leave a message.