The Setareh Breeding Excellence Difference

We are passionate about our pups' health, happiness, and well-being, and we know you've come here because you want the best experience possible when selecting your new puppy. We offer unique expertise into matching the ideal yorkies to the right loving home because we are both skilled trainers and breeders as well as have over 30 years experience in the Veterinary Field. We include the following items with each new puppy.

2 Year Health Guarantee
We feel confident in the soundness of the dogs in our breeding program, in that we offer a 2 year congenital health guarantee for your puppy.  This may be extended for 2 years with special provisions in the Puppy Buyer's Contract.

Health Testing on Parents

We feel strongly about breeding to improve the breed, therefore, all of our breeding dogs are health tested and results when they become available will be listed on our website.  Please visit our page on health testing for more information about the what and why we feel so strongly about health testing our parents.

Early Neuro Stimulation Program
We employ the Early Neurological Stimulation program shortly after our pups are born, which can help your yorkie handle higher stress and have improved immunity throughout its life.

Early Scent Introduction
We use the Early Scent Introduction program from days 3-16 after the pups are born.  But, even if a dog is to be "simply a pet," I believe that a dog who understands how to utilize its nose efficiently is always a good thing! If you're playing fetch in thick grass, a dog who learns how to search successfully to get the ball will come in handy! Or perhaps you want to train your dog to bring you your slippers (not your husband's or anybody else's! ), in which case you'll need a dog that can distinguish between odors! Or maybe you just want to play games with him, sending him around the house or yard looking for treats you've hidden? (That "hidden sweets" game is excellent for both physical and mental exhaustion!)

Puppy Culture Rearing
We use the Puppy Culture Program with all of our puppies.  Jane Killion, a skilled dog trainer and breeder, founded Puppy Culture. It's a well-organized, thorough regimen for breeders to follow throughout the first few weeks of a puppy's existence.

The first twelve weeks of a puppy's life are crucial. This is an almost magical moment when a breeder may influence a puppy's life result by what we choose to educate him. We can give your puppy the greatest start possible by doing the right things at the right time.

Bad Ass Breeder Method
When we were looking for ways to stand out and improve our breeding program we found the Bad Ass Breeder Method of raising puppies.  It has been life changing for our program.  It not only employs the ENS and ESI programs, but also does a 10 step daily massage to get the puppy used to being handled.  At day 60 we do a temperament evaluation so we can best assist our puppy buyers in selecting the best puppy for their home

During their stay with us, all of our pups are well acclimated to life via adequate socialization with humans and other pets, as well as new objects and sounds. This will teach your puppy how to respond to and engage with these situations in a fearless and proper manner. We also use sound adaptation and conditioning under controlled settings as part of our approach. This helps your puppy adjust to the "outside" world of unexpected noises and establishes a calm, level-headed dog who is unfazed by abrupt or weird noises that might normally terrify most dogs. Most essential, we establish regular love and affection rituals that include hugging and snuggling. Our experience as skilled dog trainers and breeders helps us avoid making errors as we set the stage for a very well balanced adult dog.

Temperament Testing
When a puppy reaches the age 60 days old, we give it a temperament test. We give a PDF report of the test findings to assist you in undestand the puppies, so you can make the best choice for your family based on temperament and traits such as tenderheartedness.

At 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age, all puppies are dewormed.

Vaccinations are up to date on all pups. The first round of immunizations is given at 6 weeks of age, with a booster and 1st Bordatella given at 8 weeks.  If they are with us at 12 weeks they will receive an additional booster.

All of our puppies are microchipped with Fi Nano Microchips so that veterinarians, Humane Societies, and other animal welfare organizations can easily identify them.

Photographs and Videos
We supply high-resolution photographs of the puppies at birth, 2, 4, and 6 weeks of age.
At 6 weeks of age, when your puppy is most active, we send a video. As they play with their siblings and new toys in this video, you'll get a sense of their temperament

Puppy Care Package
Each puppy comes with a care package that includes a vaccination and microchip record as well as supplies and documentation needed to ensure a smooth and happy transition to their new home. A collar, beginning bag of dog food, toys, snacks, a blanket with momma's fragrance, and her favorite toy to carry home are among the items provided.  To see exactly what comes with our puppies click here

30 Days Complimentary Puppy Insurance
All our puppies come with 30 days of complimentary puppy insurance through Trupanion.  All you have to do is activate within 24 hours of getting your puppy home. 

Quality Nutrition
We feed all our adults/puppies the highest quality nutrition right from the start.  We feed and recomend Paw Tree.  Puppies are fed the Chicken & Oatmeal.  We have found that our puppies do better on this brand than many of the others we have tried.  We feel so passionate about high quality nutrition we offer an extended health guarantee to all our puppy buyers who chose to feed Paw Tree.  Read more about it here: Nutrition Page


We feed all our adults/puppies amazing supplements that help them reach their full potential.  It is a powerful immune booster that helps them reach optimal health.  We feel so strongly about it we offer an extended health guarantee to all puppy buyers who choose to feed it.  Read more about it here: Nuvet Page

Lifelong Breeder Support
We want to be a part of your puppies life.  We want updates, and want to be there when you have questions, concerns or anything comes up with your puppy.  We offer lifelong support, you can text us, email or use whatsapp to chat whenever you have questions or concerns with your puppy.