About Our Program

"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole" Roger Caras
A cute little yorkie resting on a cozy bed with its favorite toy nearby.
We sincerely appreciate you coming by to see our puppies. Trying not to fall in love with them all is really difficult! Finding the perfect homes for incredible puppies is the finest part of my work. Finding the ideal dog for you would be my pleasure. Not only do we have the smartest, sweetest Yorkies, but we also have a thriving extended family because of the way we interact with prospective adopters.
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When you eventually get to the stage in life where you're ready to bring a dog into your home, it's exciting. However, once you're prepared, it's simple to become enthralled in the moment and believe that you "right now" need a puppy. In actuality, waiting a few months or even years to locate the ideal breeder and puppy will ultimately save you heartache. Patience is therefore essential.

Here are a few things you should know:

Wait Times:
Any kind of wait feels a little excruciating from the moment you decide you want to adopt a Yorkie (just like when you were a child and it took forever for Christmas morning to finally come).  I recognize!  I still can't get enough of the cute dogs I live with.
It is important for you to be aware that the majority of respectable breeders have waiting lists.  Like us, elite breeders usually have wait times ranging from three to twelve months, depending on the puppy you desire.  In actuality, this is a positive indicator of a successful program.  The fact that so many of the families in our program return to us for second or even third puppies makes us extremely proud.

Non-Refunable Reservation Fee:
A peaceful scene of a new mom and her baby sleeping soundly on a bed, with a cute yorkie nearby. Soothing moments of rest and loveOur guiding principle is "Right Breed, Right Breeder, Right Dog."  Finding a breeder to work with to find your future pup is the next step after you've decided a Yorkie is the best dog for your family.  The families in our program value both our program and the caliber of our puppies.  After shopping, they've decided they want to collaborate with us.  That's when you should make your deposit.  After that, we will collaborate with your family to find you your Perfect Dog. 
We request that all of our families hold off on applying until they are certain they want to work with us and our program.  We invite you to stay in touch by joining our mailing list for updates if you are still shopping or not quite ready to make your deposit.  When you're prepared to finish your application, you can do so by going HERE.  We will send you a straightforward link and instructions for completing your deposit as soon as your application is accepted.

Mother Nature is in Control:
Compared to breeds like Golden Retrievers, one of the things that sets the Yorkies world apart is the degree of variation that can exist within a single litter. The number of pups born, heat cycles, pregnancies,  are all under the control of Mother Nature. We make a great effort to share our knowledge as soon as it becomes available. You will receive regular updates on upcoming litters, comprehensive details on the coloring and personalities of each available puppy, access to our VIP area, and an invitation to our private Facebook group of past and future adoptees once we approve your application and receive your deposit.

Fairness & Transparency:
Although some breeders offer the opportunity to move up to the front of the line, I think that kind of arrangement is inherently unfair.  You can choose in our program according to the date of your initial deposit receipt.  You ALWAYS know your spot is safe because nobody is allowed to skip the line.  To make it clear to everyone where they stand in line and who else is interested in picking from a specific litter, we post all of our lists in our VIP area.

On a Personal Note:
Finally, let me just add that even though nobody really wants to wait, I can assure you that it will all beA woman in a plaid shirt cuddling a yorkie puppy with love and tenderness. worthwhile as soon as your Yorkie puppy starts running around your living room!
I sincerely appreciate your interest.  I hope to get in touch with you soon and help you along your puppy journey.  You would not only be interacting with me, but our extended family of previous adoptees would be delighted to receive you!  If you have any more questions after reading the comprehensive content we have available online, please email me,  or text me 385-243-5898 and I will get back to you right away!
I hope your search goes extremely well!
Wagging Tails & Joyful Journeys,

Quick How To:

A small black and brown dog, a yorkie puppy, sitting on a bed covered with a white blanket, looking cute and cozy1:  Submit your Application & Wait for Approval
2: Upon approval you will be emailed a link to fill out the Reservation Agreement
3: You will receive an email with an invoice to pay the $500 reservation fee to reserve your spot on our waitlist as soon as we receive the signed Reservation Agreement.  The invoice must be paid for when it is received.  We don't keep applications on file.  Your invoice will be canceled and you will have to reapply if payment is not received within 72 hours.  Deposits can also be made here:
4:  You will receive our pupdate emails for each litter as soon as payment is received, and you will also have access to our website's VIP Area